A team of digital craftsmen
lighting up the night

We integrate and harness the world’s most advanced digital technology
to illuminate hidden places previously shrouded in shadows, offering
gentle support to individuals and society akin to the nurturing light of the moon.

We firmly believe that integrating digital and analog technologies is the key to bridging all gaps. With a deep respect for our audience’s emotions,
we approach advanced technology humbly, striving to create richer,
more authentic memories and records of the subject matter.

DiO Inc|点群画像1 DiO Inc|点群画像2 DiO Inc|グラデーション用素材


History of DiO
and its services

Cognize Business

Drone surveying and laser ranging and detection

Fantasize Business

- VR, 3D, Metaverse, images, video production

Optimize Businessss

Combining environmental (real and virtual) data and equipment

Other Business