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About DiO

About DiO

“The flowing river never stops and yet the water never stays the same.
Foam floats upon the pools, scattering, re-forming, never lingering long.
So it is with man and all his dwelling places here on earth”

−Opening of Hojoki (1212)

DiO was founded in Kyoto in 2017, 800 years after Hojoki. Kyoto is home to many tangible and intangible cultural assets, traditions and techniques, including World Heritage sites, all of which have been passed down to us by our predecessors. In today’s rapidly changing world, however, it is not easy to continue to pass on these traditions.

That is why we are working to deeply understand the traces of our predecessors’ lives, convert them into a sustainable form using digital technology, and convey them to people living now and in the future.

Kamo no Chomei wrote about transient and ever-changing scenes, along with the diverse impressions that define us, and we desire to explore the potential to transform these things into digital data, etching them into the fabric of our world while aiming to safeguard both the environment and culture while remaining deeply connected to society.

The significance of conveying information from Kyoto to the rest of the world
The significance of continuing to shine a light on the dark
The significance of maintaining Japanese culture

Keeping these things in mind, we continue to work hard to row along the flowing river.